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Food & Beverage Industry

Although you won't find our name on the labels of the food products in your kitchen, you will find the Goodhart Sons, Inc. name on the equipment that processes those products.      

We have fabricated and installed a wide and diverse range of equipment for the food and beverage industries such as bins, hoppers, duct collectors, chutes and process skids.

Our capabilities allow us to create the components for your food processing line as well as install it. We can customize these pieces to meet any special needs that may be required.

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We have for over 7 decades provided:

● Peanut Butter Coolers
● Ovens and Dryers
● Horizontal and Vertical Mixing Tanks
● Chocolate Melters
● Stainless Steel Butter Melters
● Stainless Steel Counter Tops and Table Covers
● Pin Ovens
● Feed Bins
● Blow Mold Equipment
● Wicket Oven Fabrication & Installation
● Stainless Steel Crumb Catchers
● Tote Bins Available In Carbon or Stainless Steel
● Aluminum Can Production Equipment Installation



Ultimately, Goodhart Sons, Inc. wants to be your Single Source for all of your project needs.

Paste mixing tank

Peanut butter cooling screw

Engineering rendering of a paste mixing tank

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